Investing, Planning and Protection


Investment Management

An evaluation of the objectives in your investment.  This will include an assessment of what can be achieved, and the costs associated with your investment plan.

  • Portfolio design
  • Performance reporting
  • Capital gains and income tax implications*
  • Web access



Plans and strategies change over time.  It's communication with the client year after year that will help keep the plan on track and achievement of the original goal.  

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Pension Election Analysis
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer Strategies*
  • Business Entity Design and Employee Retirement Benefits
  • For those who are members of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), we will conduct a detailed analysis of your benefits and the impact of your payout elections.


Making the Plan Work

Creating a financial plan or investment strategy is not enough.  Plans and strategies change over time. It is communication with the client year after year that will help keep the plan on track and headed towards a positive result.

  • Scheduled contact with every client
  • General financial material provided every month in addition to account specific reporting
  • Consolidated progress reporting that looks back over the entire client relationship and all the accounts in the household


Long Term Care

Long term care (LTC) health coverage has been significantly improved over the past 10 years with options that provide funding for care at home and community based residences.  The traditional model of LTC has been a stand alone insurance policy which is still available.  Many people are opting for a newer model referred to as a linked benefit policy which provides a cash value and death benefit in addition to LTC benefits.

These improvements have allowed more people to access quality long term care coverage at a reasonable cost.  We design LTC policies for our clients based on their needs and complete the process of applying and acceptance by well known companies in the industry.



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*Neither Voya Financial Advisors nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice.  Please consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual situation.