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Professional Investment and Financial Planning Services for Portland Metro and SW Washington

Financial Planning can help move you from hoping for a retirement to seeing your path to retirement.

While planning for retirement is an important step, it's not the only step.  Planning can help answer questions about paying for college or a private k-12 education.  You might want to evaluate the costs of health care in retirement, establish goals for a second home or leaving something for the next generation.  Financial planning is a tool that's used to answer many questions.  See what financial planning can do for you.

Creating the Plan

Plans and strategies change over time. It's communication with the client year after year that will help keep the plan on track and achievement of the original goal.

  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Pension Election Analysis
  • Insurance Planning
  • Estate and Wealth Transfer Strategies*
  • Business Entity Design and Employee Retirement Benefits
  • For those who are members of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), we will conduct a detailed analysis of your benefits and the impact of your payout elections.
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Making the Plan Work

Creating a financial plan or investment strategy is not enough. Plans and strategies change over time. It is communication with the client year after year that will help keep the plan on track and headed towards a positive result.

  • Ongoing contact with every client
  • General financial material provided every month in addition to account specific reporting
  • Consolidated progress reporting that looks back over the entire client relationship and all the accounts in the household
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*Neither Voya Financial Advisors nor its representatives offer tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax and legal advisors regarding your individual situation.

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