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Rolf Ellingsen, AIF®

A brief history, otherwise known as my bio.

It's has been an amazing journey and I like where we ended up.  I'm the one with glasses enjoying a day in Seattle.  Back at home in Vancouver, WA, most of my time is devoted to being a financial adviser with Voya Financial Advisors.  My career in the investment industry has included working as a manager, trainer, compliance officer and for the last 18 years as a personal financial advisor in the Portland and SW Washington regions.  

There are so many things to be grateful for and in that spirit, I'll share 3 things I've learned along the way.

What I like to do more than anything else is being an adviser.  Investing is part of the conversation but it becomes so much more than that.  I can tell when the light bulb goes on for someone else.  They see a solution to a problem and a path to improvement. 

What I do best is to be able to communicate often complex issues in a way that is understandable and useful.

What I believe is that investing does work, everyone's financial success is personal, is unique, and is the result of good habits that anyone can practice.

I hope you find the resources within this website useful and look forward to our conversation when the time is right for you.

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