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Rolf Ellingsen, AIF®

Rolf Ellingsen, AIF®

Financial Adviser

I am one of three founding members that have worked together for over 18 years. Every client is served by a primary advisor but supported by the team that makes up the Water Tower Voya Financial Advisors Office. We provide investment and planning services to individuals, households and businesses.

We've developed a unique position in the financial services industry by creating strong ties with public education.  Voya is a provider of supplemental retirement plans to multiple school districts and local governments. Our Water Tower office serves those participants, their families and friends.

Our experience has led to a deep understanding of the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System. We provide advice and planning on pensions elections and the impact of making that choice right away or planning for retirement in sometime in the future. Our team of advisors are regularly asked to provide educational workshops the Oregon PERS retirement plans.

In addition to our responsibilities as advisors, our team has served on multiple nonprofit boards including foster care support and community government boards.

By working with us, I believe you will find confidence in your decisions and have a vision of your financial future.


 I believe investing does work and a key is to not let the headlines lead you to bad decisions and away from your goals

Everyone's financial success is personal and unique

Financial success is the result of good habits that anyone can practice