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Build a Satisfying Retirement as a Business Owner

Are there gaps in your retirement planning?  We will help you fill those gaps.

The Early Years

The Early Years

What are my options for retirement savings? Do I have employees that should particpate in my retirement plan?

  • SEP IRA, Simple IRA, and 401k
  • What's right for my business?
  • What are tax benefits?
  • Should I create a coporation?
  • Traditional Pre-Tax contributions vs Roth contributions
  • Develop a personal strategy for retirement investing 
Mid Career

Mid Career

Do you have a desired retirement date?  What are the issues regarding retiring early vs working longer?

  • Start thinking about your retirement goals
  • Is your retirement portfolio growing?
  • Are you on track to meet your retirement needs?
The Home stretch

The Home stretch

Set a goal for a retirement date.  Will working a few additional years make a significant difference, or is it the right time?

  • How do you protect your spouse?
  • When do you claim social security?
  • What are your Health Insurance needs in retirement?
  • How does medicare fit in?
  • How do you start drawing on your retirement assets and what are the tax issues?

Let's start with a conversation and you'll understand the building blocks of retirement in about 30 minutesSaving for retirement is not complicated, time consuming, or expensive. It is better to start earlier than later, but you're never too late.

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